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Chef Caitlin Cullen, owner of The Tandem

Chef Gregory Leon, owner of Amilinda

Best cookie I ever had. Well made. Way to go dude.

Ivan Xzavier R.

Honestly not a huge fan of sweets in general but I do have a soft spot for cookies, and theses are soooo good! I got the Maple Lemon and Peanut Butter Chocolate Maple- They are chewy and delicious and not overwhelmingly sweet which is perfect and very fresh tasting like right out of oven. I ordered from NYC and the delivery was super speedy as well, will be ordering more this week

Megan Z.

I purchased some peanut butter chocolate cookies and they were absolutely delicious I will be making another purchase.

Valerie D.

Fantastic! My wife and I loved both the Chocolate/Peanut Butter and the Lemon. Keep 'em coming.

Sean R.

Cookies are yummy and vegan! Arrived well wrapped.

Kathy K.

Really good. Help this guy out with his new company. Help share his page.

Ana. V.

vegan cookies that TASTE GOOD

Dan W.

Not your average vegan snack! These cookies are full of flavor and taste amazing! I’ve had all of them!! Delivery was great as well, no complaints.

Lasha R.

Milwaukee's B93.3 Good Cookie Review

Denaixia Diaz