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Hey vegan and alternative cookie lovers! First things first, when it comes to me using the word, alternative, I am referring to cookies that are grain-free, gluten-free, vegan, (dairy-free) and paleo.

One of the coolest things about my love for IBD-friendly cookies is that I'm someone who almost died from eating too many sweets as a kid, and as an adult, had to find a way to make things work for me while making something that tastes like the real thing!

You may be wondering who I even am, so here's a little bit more about me.... I've been a professional artist, running a successful gig poster business and worked with artists like Black Sabbath, Neon Indian, and the Grateful Dead.

I'm also a one-man band and worked as a production specialist for a bitters manufacturing company for many years. I'm a designer, actor, chef and to quote Marie Forleo, believe "everything is figureoutable."

I live a life with IBD and like many of you, need to make tough choices to modify what I eat. When out shopping, I got tired of finding partially alternative snacks or ones that were full of added sugar/were chalky and weird/used some sort of ingredient I couldn't pronounce.

One day, after 15 years as a creative, I realized that I knew enough to develop my own cookies. After 6 months of research, I launched my first Good Cookie flavors in my Uber and positive reviews started coming in on my Facebook. Soon, I was featured in a state-wide newspaper and knew what I had was something unique!

Now I'm here today to share my creation with you in hopes you'll get what I've gotten from this path I've gone down. 

Who loves good cookies? We love love good cookies.

So, since you read this all the way to the end, you must truly enjoy cookies as much as I do, and since I want you to try them out, I'm offering you 15% off your first order! Use 15off at checkout.

Now you'll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth without the pain in your belly! 

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